How to Inflate the Jumping Castle

  1. Remove any visible packaging on motor
  2. Ensure surface is clear of any obstacles, and the inflatable will not be near a wall or something that can harmit – as per the above guidelines
  3. Take the bag of the inflatable off
  4. Open the Inflatable
  5. Connect the engine pipe to the blower
  6. Connect the blower to an extension cord (extension cord must not be thinner than 2.5 mm, and not longerthan 20m. Use a SUB DB Board for big functions to protect your blowers against voltage drops)
  7. Switch on the blower
  8. The Item will inflate.
  9. Ensure that inflatable is safe to use, for smaller kids use matts on open sides of the inflatable’s


How to Deflate the Jumping Castle

  1. Ensure that no one is on the jumping castle
  2. Turn off the power to the jumping castle
  3. Unplug the extension
  4. Remove the motor
  5. Allow the jumping castle to deflate on its own (Please avoid walking on the jumping castle while it is deflating)
  6. Once deflated you may walk across the jumping castle to make sure there is no more air in the jumping castle – (Please only do so barefoot or with socks on)
  7. Fold the jumping castle and store back in bag.