Our Terms and Conditions


  1. Please note that the hire of the inflatable includes the supply extension of one (1) Twenty Meter (20m) Extension cord per inflatable.
  2. Upon return of the inflatable and extension cord, it will be inspected, should these items not be in a suitable condition, you will be held liable for the repair or replacement thereof.
  3. Please do not leave the extension in the rain or near water. Do not run the extension across where people may need to walk, be mindful of where children will be running and playing
  4. Failure to return the correct extension cord, or a damaged cord that has not been packed away correctly will result in additional charges.
  5. You hereby acknowledge that use of the equipment is entirely at your own risk, and that it is always necessary to have a responsible adult in attendance to supervise children.
  6. You hereby undertake to ensure strict compliance with the safety rules herewith thus simultaneously indemnifying the owner against any claim that may be made against the owner for any loss/damage sustained by any person utilizing the fun item and motor.
  7. We will not be held responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expense, cost, or other sum or claim of any description whatsoever caused directly or indirectly to any persons and/or property whilst the equipment is in your possession, including that which results from any of the following: Negligence, incorrect use, or any other term as described within these conditions of hire.
  8. All damages incurred to fun items or motors while in your possession will be payable by you.
  9. No children allowed to play with or near the motors.
  10. The Owner does not accept any responsibility for entrance or stand fees where the fun items are to be used.
  11. A 40% cancellation fee will be charged unless cancelled at least 5 days before.
  12. No shoes, sharp objects, eating, drinking, or pets are allowed on the equipment.
  13. You are responsible for ensuring a suitable area for equipment, away from buildings, trees, walls, sharp objects, and palisades, Inflatables / fun items require a relatively flat area, away from sticks, rocks, sharp objects, fire, braai’s, buildings. Do not place under low roofs or trees, which could accidentally puncture or damage the fun item (This includes stones/ sharp items on the ground underneath the unit, or walls next to the unit)
  14. Please ensure that the fun item is ready for collection on time as arranged otherwise an additional charge as per the above specified amount will be levied.
  15. Please sign and return a copy of this document as well as your ID Document with proof of payment for your deposit – No cheques will be accepted.
  16. Payment is always in advance (Cash on Delivery or EFT before Delivery)
  17. Please return your equipment in the same condition you received it.
  18. After use, please do not store the item wet (it will leave watermarks), please inflate it in the sunto dry.
  19. Please do not allow children to sit, climb or hang on the side walls, and kindly always monitor the number of children on the equipment. If the children are bumping into each other there are too many children on the item
  20. No streamers allowed on units – it stains!!! Stained Fun Items will be deemed as damaged and the lessee will be held liable for the repair, cleaning and or replacement of the Fun Items


  1. Cost of repair and/or replacement of equipment for loss or damage caused intentionally, recklessly, and/or negligently whilst the equipment is under hire to the lessee. (e.g., Knife wounds, torn stitching, and material due to adults on equipment, etc)
  2. Cost of replacement of lost or stolen equipment whilst equipment is under hire to the lessee.
  3. Loss of income incurred whilst the equipment is under repair or being replaced as a result of damages or loss caused in terms (a) or (b) above.
  4. Cost incurred – legal or otherwise – in the pursuance of any claim, however arising, which the owner may have against the lessee.

Safety Rules to follow

  1. Do not put up the castle on rainy or windy days
  2. If children are constantly knocking into each other, the inflatable is overcrowded
  3. Do not put children with different ages / size on the same castle, to avoid larger children injuring smaller ones.
  4. All Children must remove sharp articles, objects, or items, which may potentially damage the Inflatable or injure other children
  5. Children should not climb on the walls or jump at the entrance.
  6. The item should be used in a safe and appropriate manner.
  7. Any rough or dangerous behavior (such as tackling, somersaults & flips etc.) on the Inflatable must not be allowed.
  8. No food, sweets or drinks allowed on the inflatable.
  9. Children are to be always supervised by adults above 18, this requires always maintaining a close physical presence.
  10. Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants, and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted on the unit at any time.
  11. No Persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or strong medication are allowed on the Inflatables.
  12. Power leads or use of electricity must be set up and maintained in a safe manner. Ensure that there is an earth leakage and or trip switch is available at the source of power for the jumping castle.
  13. Keep the blower out of the rain and off wet grass / surfaces, do not set up near water, and out of reach of children. Put the blower on its feet on a flat, obstacle free surface.
  14. Extension Cords must not be thinner than 2.5mm. Extension cords must not be longer than 20m. (Provided you are using your own extension cords)
  15. Do not switch on all the blowers and equipment simultaneously (it will damage the blower and equipment). Switch it on one by one.
  16. Use a SUB DB board at schools or big functions to protect your blowers and equipment from voltage drops.
  17. Children must not go near the blower and must not touch power chords.
  18. Extension cords must be insulated and earthed.
  19. In case of rain, bad weather or strong winds, all children must be vacated off the inflatable and the power of the blower must be switched off. Do not leave the blower in the rain.
  20. If the blower loses power, keep everyone calm and instruct children to slowly exit the castle.
  21. DO NOT allow children to turn the blower off and on.
  22. As soon as our products leave our premises it becomes your responsibility

Payment of the rental fee as well as your signature on the booking form document means that you have read, understood, and accepted the abovementioned conditions of hire.